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Claudia BAHN


Claudia Bahn was born in 1963, she has her artistic roots in graphics and illustration. Parallel to her professional career in the agency world, Claudia Bahn continually develops her artistic work in various media: in drawing and painting, in sculpture and objects.

In painting and graphics she is attracted by the reduced and comic-like optic. Creatures simplified to outlines and surfaces communicate with each other in clear body language. She also transfers this formal language to her sculptures, which impress as a kind of silhouette.


“In my work I deal with relationships and mental states. Relationships to a person, the partner, with a creature, with the environment, with oneself. I am particularly fascinated by the similarities between animals and humans in their behavior, not only in terms of their primal instincts, but also the desire for recognition, power, love and the joy of role play .


In order to portray such situations, their tragedy and comedy, I use an animal-human hybrid world. A female deer-donkey creature named ELSIE, endowed with the attributes of a woman, and a male with a bull's head have accompanied me through their and my emotional worlds for many years."

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